Is a Studio Apartment in Gurgaon’s Sector 36A Right for You?

Studio Apartment in Gurgaon Sector

Krisumi Waterfall Residences in Gurgaon’s Sector 36A is scheduled to be completed in September 2029. The property offers 1 RK studio apartment, as well as 2, 3, and 4 BHK apartments, priced between ₹2*-12.4* crore.

Studio Apartments in Sector 36A, Gurgaon, India, provides access to Delhi and other areas of Gurgaon. The apartments are located at the convergence of Gurugram’s biggest highways, along the Dwarka Expressway, and are 0.52 kilometers from NH7. This position offers unparalleled connection without having to navigate busy internal highways.

Understanding Studio Apartments: Compact Living, Big Benefits

Studio apartments are single-room abodes that combine living, sleeping, and sometimes even cooking areas into a unified space. Typically ranging from 300 to 500 square feet, they offer a minimalist yet functional living solution. While some might equate them with cramped quarters, studios come packed with advantages:

  • Affordability: In a city like Gurgaon, where rents can climb quickly, studio apartments offer a budget-friendly alternative. The smaller size translates to lower rent compared to larger apartments, freeing up resources for other aspects of your life.
  • Low Maintenance: Less space equals less cleaning! Studio apartments are a breeze to maintain, perfect for busy professionals or those who value a streamlined lifestyle. Forget spending hours scrubbing floors – studio living allows you to reclaim precious free time.
  • Ideal Location: Studio apartments are often located in prime areas due to their higher demand. Sector 36A is a prime example, offering excellent connectivity and proximity to key hubs. This translates to shorter commutes and more time spent enjoying the city.
  • Sense of Community: Many studio buildings boast vibrant communities. Shared amenities like co-working spaces, rooftop terraces, or gyms foster a sense of connection with like-minded individuals.

Of course, studio living does come with some considerations. Privacy can be a concern, especially for those accustomed to larger spaces. Additionally, storage solutions are crucial to avoid clutter. However, with clever space-saving furniture and a minimalist approach, these challenges can be easily overcome.

Krisumi Waterfall Suites at Sector 36A, Gurugram

Krisumi Waterfall Suites Sector 36A offers cutting-edge residential properties with top-notch facilities. Developed by Krisumi Group, known for its decades of experience and commitment to quality, the project promises a fusion of innovation and luxury living. Located in Sector 36A, Gurugram, the project features flexible plans, ensuring convenience for investors. With amenities like a Cigar Lounge, Swimming Pool, Clubhouse, Conference Room, Gymnasium, Terrace Garden, and more, Krisumi Waterfall Suites sets a new standard in residential developments.

Krisumi Waterfall Suites’ studio flats in Sector 36A, Gurgaon, will be ready in December 2028. The flats vary from 921-1182 sq ft and cost ₹1.56*-2.01* crore.

Krisumi Waterside Residences by Krisumi

Krisumi Waterside Residences, located in Sector 36A, Gurgaon, is a joint venture between an Indian and Japanese company, offering luxurious living experiences. Inspired by Japanese architecture and nestled at the junction of NH48 & Dwarka Expressway, the project boasts a range of amenities including a 18000 sq ft Club House, state-of-the-art facilities, and proximity to Global City. With a focus on unparalleled connectivity and superior infrastructure, Krisumi Waterside Residences redefine luxury living in Gurgaon.

Krisumi City Gurugram:

Krisumi City, a 65-acre township project, is set to deliver its first ultra-luxury project, Krisumi Waterfall Residences, in 2023. Located in Sector 36A, Gurugram, the project offers 2 LDK, 3 LDK, 3LDK + S, and Penthouses along with a 36K sq ft Clubhouse and various amenities. Boasting a 5-year warranty on key aspects like wooden flooring and electrical work, Krisumi City Gurugram promises a holistic living experience with future plans for studio apartments, commercial spaces, hospitals, and schools within the township.


Sector 36A: Your Gateway to a Gurgaon Adventure

Now, let’s explore Sector 36A, a rising star in Gurgaon’s residential landscape. This strategically located sector offers a perfect blend of convenience and modern living. Here’s why Sector 36A might be your ideal home base:

  • Connectivity Nirvana: Sector 36A boasts excellent connectivity to major arterial roads like NH8 and Golf Course Extension Road. Metro stations are within easy reach, making navigating the city a breeze.
  • Work-Life Balance: The proximity to key business districts like Cyber City and Golf Course Road makes Sector 36A ideal for professionals. After a productive day, unwind at the numerous restaurants, cafes, and entertainment options nearby.
  • Green Oasis: Despite its urban setting, Sector 36A offers a surprising amount of green space. Parks and landscaped boulevards provide a refreshing escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.
  • Modern Amenities: Sector 36A is being developed with modern living in mind. Expect well-maintained infrastructure, robust security systems, and a plethora of retail outlets to cater to your daily needs.

About the Location:

Situated in Sector 36A, one of the fastest developing zones in Gurgaon, the project enjoys easy connectivity to key service hubs via the Delhi Mumbai Expressway and Sohna High Expressway. Additionally, the planned Metro Station at Vatika Chowk, Sohna Road, and Gurgaon will further enhance accessibility. The area boasts a well-established network of schools, clinics, malls, retail markets, and five-star hotels, with the IGI Airport just 32 minutes away via NH8.

The Allure of Studio Apartments in Sector 36A

Now, let’s combine the advantages of studio apartments with the charm of Sector 36A. Here’s what this winning combination offers:
  • Smart Investment: Studio apartments in Sector 36A present a compelling investment opportunity. Due to their affordability and high demand, they offer excellent rental yields and potential capital appreciation.
  • Walkable Lifestyle: The well-planned layout of Sector 36A and its proximity to daily conveniences allow for a walkable lifestyle. Ditch the car and rediscover the joy of strolling to local shops, restaurants, or parks.
  • Vibrant Community: Imagine a community of young professionals and like-minded individuals living within close proximity. Studio buildings in Sector 36A often foster a lively and social atmosphere, perfect for making new connections.
  • Focus on Experiences: Living in a studio apartment encourages a focus on experiences over possessions. With less space for clutter, you’re free to explore the city, pursue hobbies, and create lasting memories.

Is a Studio Apartment Right for You?

Before diving headfirst into studio living, here are some key factors to consider:
  • Lifestyle: Do you value a minimalist approach or crave ample personal space? Studio apartments are ideal for those who prioritize experiences over possessions and enjoy a streamlined lifestyle.
  • Budget: Studio apartments offer a cost-effective way to live in a prime location like Sector 36A.
  • Work Style: If you work from home frequently, a studio might not offer the dedicated workspace you need. Consider co-working spaces available in some buildings or explore alternative studio layouts with designated work areas.
  • Future Plans: While studios are perfect for young professionals or single occupants, they might not be suitable for long-term plans involving families or roommates.

Residents can enjoy a host of amenities including a children’s play area, swimming pool, fitness center, landscaped garden, park, open spaces, meditation center, 24-hour water supply, daycare center, and more, making it an ideal property for investment.


Beyond the Studio: Exploring Alternatives in Sector 36A

While studios are a fantastic option, Brandestate understands that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for everyone. Sector 36A offers a variety of residential options to cater to diverse needs. Here’s a quick glimpse:

  • 1 BHK Apartments: For those seeking a dedicated bedroom space while maintaining a manageable size, 1 BHK apartments in Sector 36A provide a perfect balance.

Krisumi Studio Apartments is a joint venture between Krishna Group India and Sumitomo Corporation Japan. The units are 1 LDK and provide modern facilities. The Krisumi Waterfall Suites in Sector 36A, Gurgaon, provides studio apartments ranging from 921-1182 sq ft, with pricing starting at ₹1.5* crore.

About the Builder:

Krisumi Corporation is an innovative collaboration between Sumitomo Corporation, Japan, and Krishna Group, India. Combining Japanese craftsmanship with Indian hospitality, Krisumi aims to conceptualize, design, and build homes that epitomize excellence and practicality. With a 400-year legacy of trust and commitment to cutting-edge design and technology, Krisumi is where sophistication meets simplicity.

Making an Informed Decision

Ultimately, the decision to live in a studio apartment in Sector 36A depends on your individual circumstances and preferences. We, at Brandestate, encourage you to consider the following:

  • Visit the Area: Immerse yourself in the vibe of Sector 36A. Explore the neighborhood, check out the connectivity, and get a feel for the surroundings. Brandestate can facilitate site visits to help you make an informed decision.
  • Explore Studio Layouts: Studio apartments come in various layouts. Some prioritize open-plan living, while others offer designated areas for sleeping, cooking, and relaxing. Choose a layout that suits your lifestyle and tastes.
  • Consider Building Amenities: Many studio buildings in Sector 36A offer a plethora of amenities like rooftop terraces, gyms, co-working spaces, and security features. Evaluate these amenities to see if they enhance your overall living experience.

Brand Estate: Your Partner in Finding Your Perfect Gurgaon Abode

At Brandestate, we are passionate about connecting individuals with their dream homes. Our team of real estate experts possesses in-depth knowledge of the Gurgaon market and can guide you through every step of the process, from understanding your needs to finalizing your lease or purchase.

Whether you’re drawn to the efficiency of a studio apartment or seek a larger space in Sector 36A, Brandestate has a comprehensive portfolio of properties to explore. Contact us today, and let’s embark on a journey to find your perfect Gurgaon haven!


Studio apartments typically range from 300 to 500 square feet in Sector 36A.

Clever furniture choices are key! Look for beds with built-in storage drawers, ottomans with hidden compartments, and wall-mounted shelves to maximize space utilization.

Yes, studio apartments generally offer lower rent compared to larger apartments in the same area. This can free up resources for other expenses.

This depends on the specific lease agreement. Typically, tenants are responsible for utilities like electricity and internet, while the landlord might cover common area maintenance and property taxes.

Amenities can vary, but some common offerings include rooftop terraces, co-working spaces, gyms, laundry facilities, and security features.


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