Krisumi Waterfall Suites

  • ₹ 2.06* Cr
Gurgaon, India


  • Residential
  • Property Type
  • 925 - 975
  • sqft


Updated on May 22, 2024 at 1:44 pm
  • Price: ₹ 2.06* Cr
  • Property Size: 925 - 975 sqft
  • Property Type: Residential
  • Property Status: Buy


The design of Waterfall Suites draws inspiration from the serene Shiraito Waterfall, located near Mount Fuji in Japan. The architectural concept integrates elements reminiscent of streams, threads, and the calmness of water into the facade. The waterfall symbolizes formlessness, simplicity, and purity, which are reflected throughout the project. The landscape theme, inspired by Shiraito no Taki, is interpreted in various design elements.

Key Design Elements

  1. Origami View
    • Represents the flowing water streams of the Shiraito Waterfall, capturing the essence of movement and grace.
  2. Silk Yarn
    • Symbolizes the delicate water threads of the waterfall, adding a refined texture and fluidity to the design.
  3. Cleanness
    • Emulates the calm and serene water of the Shiraito Waterfall, with clear handrails enhancing the feeling of tranquility and purity.

Crown Design The crown of the tower is inspired by the snow-white trees surrounding the Shiraito Waterfall. Horizontal louvers give an impression of floating planes and lightness, while the stronger edges at the corners accentuate the structure’s form.

Podium Design

  • Drop-off Area
    • The white top edge of the façade frame and canopy symbolizes the falling water colliding with a reservoir.
  • Glass Wall Frame and Mullion
    • A stone-clad wall behind the curtain wall mimics the visual of water cascading over rocks, creating a striking silhouette.

Landscapes The landscaping embraces natural elements to create tranquil Zen gardens, enriching the lives of residents with the serenity of nature. Key landscape areas include:

  • Tower Drop-Off Area
  • Main Garden with Waterfall
  • Podium Rooftop Garden
  • Penthouse Rooftop Terrace Garden

Entrance Area Features a stone wall, a symbolic tree with a water feature island, and colorful flowering plants, offering a warm and inviting welcome.

Podium Rooftop Garden A mountain stream inspired by Shiraito Falls enhances the rooftop garden, with planting zones that follow organic lines and incorporate natural elements like black granite and lush greenery.


Lifestyle Amenities The Waterfall Suites offer a range of lifestyle amenities to cater to the residents’ needs:

  • Entrance Lobby
  • Restaurant
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Lift Lobby
  • Corridor
  • Gym/Spa/Changing Room

Water Features

  • Waterfall
  • Water Body in Organic Form
  • Swimming Pool

Layout and Plans

  • Waterfall Suites 1 BHK Apartment Plan
  • Typical Floor Layout (1 LDK)
Pricing and Payment Plans
  • Price List
  • Down Payment Plan
  • Flexi Payment Plan
  • Construction Updates
Waterfall Suites blend the natural beauty and tranquillity of Shiraito Waterfall with modern design and luxurious living, creating a serene and elegant residential experience.

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